All Industries Serviced With All Your Needs Covered!
AFi Systems specialise in repairing down to component level. Allowing us to cover every kind of
industrial automation product you can think of.

A recent repair test on a Allen-Bradley 1402-LS51 Line Synchronisation Module.
Carried by out by AFi for our customer in Central Queensland. Back and in operation since its
return plus was delivered with a full 12 Month Warranty.


AFi Systems & PLC Electrical have worked together for a number of years.
Together our aim to have you back operational ASAP.

Custom Printed Circuit Board Solutions, Design & Production
AFi Systems also have extensive experience with circuit board design and production.
If an off the shelf replacement is unavailable or repair not viable;
AFi can produce a custom printed circuit board! Offering solutions to meet your needs!

  Repair Exchange -  A fast Repair Solution

  • Repair Exchange is fast and comes with a 18 Month Warranty.

  • Repair Exchange with a product that has no repair history.

  • Repair Exchange in most cases at a cost less than an actual repair itself.

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