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Allen-Bradley 440N-Z21W1PH-A
RA-440N-Z21W1PH-A-NSS More>>

440N-Z21W1PH-A $poa
Allen-Bradley 440N-ZPREC-A
RA-440N-ZPREC-A-NSS More>>

440N-ZPREC-A $poa
Allen-Bradley 44RSP-2JBE3-F4-A
RA-44RSP-2JBE3-F4-A-NSS More>>

44RSP-2JBE3-F4-A $poa
Allen-Bradley 56RF-IN-IPD22A-A
RA-56RF-IN-IPD22A-A-NFS More>>

56RF-IN-IPD22A-A $poa
Allen-Bradley 592-EC2BC Series C (Factory Sealed)
Factory Sealed Allen-Bradley 592-EC2BC Bulletin 592 Solid State Overload Relay, Integrated I/O, 4 Inputs 2 Outputs, Low-Level Ground Fault Protection, PTC Thermistor Monitoring, 3-15A, 0-2 NEMA Starter Size, Series C. 18 Month Warranty. ::PLEASE NOTE:: Lead time is approx 7 days. For further informa ... More>>

592-EC2BC Series C (Factory Sealed) $poa
Allen-Bradley 60-2439 Series A (Factory Sealed)
Factory Sealed Allen-Bradley 60-2439 Mounting Bracket, Mounting Swivel/Tilt (with hardware) for Series 9000, 10000, ColourSight, LaserSight PHOTOSWITCH Photoelectric Sensors, allows +/-10 Degrees vertical and 360 Degrees rotation adjustment, Series A. 18 Month Warranty. ::PLEASE NOTE:: Lead time is ... More>>

60-2439 Series A (Factory Sealed) $poa
Allen-Bradley 60-2663-A
RA-60-2663-A-NSS More>>

60-2663-A $poa
Allen-Bradley 60-2762-1-B
RA-60-2762-1-B-NSS More>>

60-2762-1-B $poa

          See video below of testing process after an AFi completed repair.
          The repaired module is a Allen-Bradley 1402-LS51; A Line Synchronisation Module.
          Now back in operation in Central QLD & covered with a full 1 Year Warranty.