Allen-Bradley PLC-5 Generic 1770-XYC (1770-XYC / A)

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Allen-Bradley PLC-5  Generic 1770-XYC (1770-XYC / A)
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PLC-5 PLC-5/11 1785-L11B (Series A, C, D & E). 1785-L16B (Series A & C). PLC-5/20: 1785-L20B (Series A, C, D & E). 1785-L20BK (Series C & D). 1785-L20C15 (Series C, D, E & F). 1785-L20E (Series C, D & E). 1785-L26B (A, C, D & E). PLC-5/30: 1785-L30B (Series A, C, D & E). 1785-V30B (Series C, D & E). 1785-L36B (Series A & C). PLC-5/40: 1785-L40B (Series A, B, C, D & E), 1785-L40BK (Series C & D). 1785-L40C (Series C, D & E). 1785-L40L (Series A, B, C, D & E). 1785-L46C15 (Series E & F). 1785-L46L (Series B, C, D & E). PLC-5/60: 1785-L60B (Series A, B, C, D & E). 1785-L60C & L60C15 (Series D). 1785-L60L (Series A, B, C, D & E). 1785-L66B & L66L (Series B & C). PLC-5/80: 1785-L80B (Series C, D & E). 1785-L80BK (Series C & K). 1785-L80C (Series D & E). 1785-L80E (Series C, D & E). 1785-L86B (C, D & E). 1771-DMC, DCM1, DCM2 & DCM4 Coprocessor. Assembled using Panasonic BR-AG (Has higher capacity, longer life, than the Panasonic BR-A) Lithium (Poly-carbonmonofluoride) 3.0Vdc. 2200mAh.

          See video below of testing process after an AFi completed repair.
          The repaired module is a Allen-Bradley 1402-LS51; A Line Synchronisation Module.
          Now back in operation in Central QLD & covered with a full 1 Year Warranty.